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      USHForums.com is an online community dedicated to Universal Studios Hollywood. In an effort to spur discussion and to maintain a civil community, we’ve implemented the following rules below. Please read them. Forum organization: Univesal is organized under the umbrella Upper and Lower lot designations. As a result, USHForums is divided under three main categories - attractions, generalities and shops/restaurants Members who wish to discuss other topics are welcome to do so in the appropriate forum While we are not dogmatic about keeping everything limited to a single discussion thread, we do encourage members to seek out existing threads that may be suitable for your topic Our moderating staff will move threads and posts as they see fit
      Content It must be established that USHForums is private property. By registering on these forums, you agree to our rules and regulations Please keep your posts PG-13. This is an inclusive community, and we ask that you do not post offensive, pornographic, illegal or violent material on these forums Do note that posts relating to Halloween Horror Nights may include graphic descriptions and imagery, and are the only exception to this rule Stay on topic – please Posts that include online memes and GIFs do not add substance to the topic at hand, and may be removed without warning Do not plagiarize Political or religious content will be removed - be respectful and civil Content that is not original must be attributed to its original owner While we encourage fruitful debate, we do not tolerate abusive behavior Also keep in mind that by posting on a public forum, you may have your opinions or thoughts challenged by other members – be prepared to debate Links to Universal-relevant online auctions are permitted in the Backlot Café - one thread per member Respect Universal’s park rules This includes selfie-stick photos that peer over construction walls Content showing restricted areas or confidential material will be removed Universal team members, please be mindful that participating on these forums may not be permitted by your department Do not register if you feel that your employer may find your content or posts objectionable One account per member, please Multiple accounts are strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban Backseat moderation is absolutely prohibited If you see a potential area of concern, report it and move on Do not comment on the situation or dictate the actions of other members
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  1. Universal Studios Hollywood

    1. Universal Studios Hollywood

      General discussions about Universal Studios Hollywood.

    2. Q & A

      Planning a trip to Universal? Need help? Ask our community here!

    3. Photo Updates / Trip Reports

      Have a photo update or trip report? Post it here!

  2. Upper Lot / Entertainment Center

    1. Attractions (Upper Lot)

      Studio Tour, WaterWorld, Special Effects Stage, Shrek 4D...

    2. Shops and Restaurants (Upper Lot)

      International Cafe, Universal Studio Store, Mel's Diner...

    3. Upper Lot Generalities

      General theming, atmosphere, character meets within the Upper Lot.

  3. Lower Lot / Studio Center

    1. Attractions (Lower Lot)

      Transformers: The Ride - 3D, Revenge of the Mummy, Jurassic Park...

    2. Shops and Restaurants (Lower Lot)

      Jurassic Cafe, Studio Store, Transformers Supply Vault...

    3. Lower Lot Generalities

      Studio theming, characters and general Lower Lot developments.

  4. Intermezzo

    1. Theme Park Buzz

      General theme park buzz from within the United States and around the world!

    2. Backlot Cafe

      Cross my wooden leg, swear on my glass eye. Shoot the breeze here.

  5. Inside Universal

    1. Inside Universal - Site News & Suggestions

      Updates from the Inside Universal crew. Have a suggestion for our site? Post it here!

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