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  1. I don't know about a premiere line, but the main box office has moved inside. Really, it's basically set up like an Arclight now.
  2. We got a mix of the "specialty" donuts (bubble gum and tang), and "normal" (triple chocolate, and traditional chocolate glaze). And to our surprise, our favorite was the traditional chocolate glaze. The quality of the chocolate was really good. That said, I don't know if I'd wait in that line again. There's equally good donuts at Colorado Donut in Eagle Rock (if you haven't seen their Cookie Monster donut, you haven't lived), and much less of a line.
  3. Was at the park this morning, and alas, they were back to their usual hiding spots. But I will say that I believe this attraction deserves a bit more credit in terms of crowd popularity than it gets. It had a 30 minute wait at opening (11am), and it generally seems to hover about 20 minutes throughout the day... and that's something that was designed to be a people eater, so really, waits should be 5-10 all day. Plus, shortly after the initial opening, it had fairly limited hours... it'd be open for 90 minutes (or less!), then closed for 30, repeat... and then frequently closed one to two hours before the park did, even in the off season. It'd be closed by 5 if the park closed at 6. This went on for months. Now, while it does have a delayed opening, generally seems to remain open all day without any closures at all, and during the off season, when the park closes at 7pm, stays open right until park close. So clearly there must be enough demand to keep it open. If the park remains open until 10pm, it does still close a few hours before... but that's acceptable to me, as basically the entire park is generally a ghost town after 8pm, with even FJ being a walk on.
  4. I just rode it today. It's still the same messed up image it's been since the previews back in February of last year. Ugh. Also today, none of the steam/fog effects were working. It was off on both floo scenes (beginning and end), nor was the dragon smoking (so to speak, lol). But at least all the water effects are still off... that's actually a great positive.
  5. Went through the maze today, and happy to say they are changing up some of their usual hiding spots. Not sure how long it'll last, but glad they finally took advantage of some of the other spaces. On that note, does anyone know if there is any update to the rumor of them adding the "extra" room in the beginning, and converting the queue area of the waiting room into a part of the maze?
  6. I believe that temporary queue is just for FJ. I have seen it used as such once. I rode last weekend, and didn't detect any difference in the opening floo. But it's possible it could've changed since then... the 4K certainly happened almost literally overnight. That said, I'm not getting my hopes up too high.
  7. If AHS is only Roanoke, it seems like it's going to look a lot like The Shining. Only one is a house, the other a hotel. But a similar "haunted" concept... a bit too similar for my taste. That's the main reason I'd want to see Asylum be included as well (aside from the the fact that environmentally speaking, it'd be pretty fun).
  8. Anyone know the current opening hours of VooDoo? Last I heard, it was noon-5, but I don't know if that's current. They haven't yet listed hours at the main VooDoo website, and Yelp says 8am-9pm, which I don't think is accurate.
  9. I was about to say... if they wanted this as a summer show, they should get moving on it!
  10. I enjoyed it for what it was. I admittedly went in with very low expectations. But I had overall good memories of the Texas one. Oddly enough, I did not enjoy the one in St. Louis as much. I honestly don't know if there is any difference, but it felt like a key scene (where it feels like you loop) was cut. It's sort of a blend of Iron Reef and Transformers, but not quite as good as either. Yet better than I would have expected for a Six Flags dark ride. I personally would not put it on par with MiB. Iron Reef is a much better comparison. As for SR on TC, I was under the impression that was mostly eliminated more for the logistics of the queue set up. Not sure why TNR's was cut, although I would suspect the VR had something to do with it. They do still have it on GL, DoD, and I believe Viper. I always wished they had it on FT, I'm sure that has a lot of empty seats go by.
  11. Any word if it'll have a single rider line? Texas has one, but St. Louis didn't.
  12. As much as I personally would like to see DA, I tend to believe that at this point, it's not coming. I agree that if it were, work should have already begun.
  13. At this point, while I certainly don't have any access to specific reports, I'd dispute the statement that our Potter wasn't successful. Did they ever need those timed entrance tickets? No, and those masses upon masses of crowds that many expected on opening weekend never materialized. But every time I go into the park (and it's about once a week), the area is mobbed, the shops are mobbed, and there are interactive wands and butterbeer all over the place. The amount of merch is staggering, and hasn't dropped one bit since I've been going. Not to mention the fact that FJ generally always gets to at least a 90 minute line or more for a good portion of the day, every day. So did it hit projections out of the gate? Maybe not. But does it seem to be holding its own over time? Sure seems that way, and let's not forget about that Labor Day weekend not so long ago where they actually had to close the park due to crowds. Even Walking Dead tends to have a line more often than not, and I notice that while it opens late, it's generally no longer closing 2 hours before the park does like it used to... so there seems to be a crowd demand to keep it open later. And I personally think HP has been a large factor in those crowds.