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  1. Well that certainly raises some questions
  2. Didn't Murdy say not to focus on the block, but on the keyboard
  3. I wouldn't say that's a curve ball, I think he's talking about how it was released, Not when
  4. Can someone link to that press release, I can't find it
  5. This made me laugh so hard
  6. If I had to guess, it's because after last year, they feel the space we have would be better suited for one season and not three
  7. After today's new developments, I'm only really excited for one house this year, I'm not happy
  8. You're trolling right
  9. So basically the big 4 from last year but on the terror tram
  10. Like an original icon or i.p.
  11. Did your source give you this information today or did you know when you put that list out, also can you say what's taking the place of the thing, and what's on the terror tram
  12. Well, kill me
  13. I haven't heard that, I see people saying that but I've never seen Murdy ever confirm that
  14. Take insidious out of that lineup, we don't need conjuring and insidious in the same year. Other than that, if this list is accurate, I'm let down, 5/7 properties have been to the event before, 2 of which will be their 3rd time, and maybe it's because I've started to go so long now that bringing back old stuff is really affecting me because the only one of the returning properties I haven't seen is saw. And I know I'll be in the minority on this, but I don't care at all if the shining happens, never seen it and have no intention to. The only thing I'm really excited for is Conjuring and AHS, and maybe the Thing, but that's mainly for personal reasons. What I would like to be changed is Insidous for an original, and I'd be way more enthusiastic.
  15. Xmen is fox