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  1. Orlando just got their first announcement of AHS with Asylum, Coven, and Roanoke. Will John follow this up? Most likely not. I wonder what made him want to take the one season route rather than three seasons like Orlando
  2. We will have multiple scarezone themes this year, not just one theme like The Purge in 2016
  3. If you remember the house of horrors there was a Psycho section and there was a shower scene Scare in there. Since John designed the house of horrors he would have experience in working with that scene so I don't think it would be nearly impossible since he designed a scene like it before
  4. The Stephen king properties are too big of a deal to combine with each other. Hes been trying to get these properties probably as long as he had been trying to get The Exorcist. If he was able to get the rights to both IT sand The Shining (seeing as he only said there are 2 that he's particularly excited for) there's no way he would not let these properties reach their full potential
  5. They announced the dates with the website launch but I think they announced the starting date around the time they announced The Big Four
  6. No repeats in a literal sense, one tv themed maze. All signs point towards AHS (as if we didn't know that already) And there are two mazes that john is REALLY REALLY REALLY excited for, sounds like IT and The Shining might actually be a reality
  7. Lemonade is a carny codename in of itself. The only hint to it is that it was inspired by something the director told John about the property. That's a private conversation that we wouldn't have anyway of ever hearing, which gives us absolutely nothing to go off of besides 'Lemonade'
  8. Also, wanting to add to AHS being writer's block, if the M and N hints are in fact true then we have AMericaN Horror Story; AsyluM, CoveN, and RoaNoake each season contains one of those letters that disappeared from John's keyboard
  9. All of those sound good, except The Big Chill, I don't think John ever said he was traveling to England, just Ireland
  10. Codename #4 is The Big Chill i don't have any theories now I just wanted to post it first
  11. Why is there all this talk about boo like it's a codename? Because last I checked maze 4 didn't have an officially released codename. Could it be a hint, maybe, could it just be like Foodstamps said, a guy who creates a Halloween event using a Halloween term, I'd say that's more likely. I just think John is being a carny and him saying that a bunch was meant to, and succeeded to make us look too into something that's not there, just like the keyboard.
  12. Usually they can go pretty deep, but without any hints it's hard to dig below the surface like usual. I think John is just mad that we've been able to crack the codenames easily (with some help from a leaked lineup) that he's making them nearly impossible for us to figure them out. Or he doesn't want to disappoint the hardcore fans after the spectacular 2016 lineup
  13. How about the Falcon's fans reaction right now?
  14. I know we've been on and off about stranger things, but now that we know season 2 won't be out until Halloween I feel that it all but confirms it won't be at HHN because (I personally haven't watched the show) I know people have said there aren't many environments from season one and I don't think they'd use a season of the show that doesn't come out until the very end of the event and risk a confusing maze. Where as properties like Dracula Untold and Crimson Peak have left around half of the event to see the movie and experience the maze.
  15. Insidious has been done too much at HHN. I loved the two mazes, and I love the series a lot more than I love The Conjuring. However if they brought it back again and used material from all the movies it would feel super repetitive, and there might not be enough material from chapter 4 alone. John has a lot to work off of with The Conjuring. 2 Conjuring movies and 2 Annabelle movies, plus it would be brand new to the event