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  1. Fantastic Feasts And Where to Dine On Them.....
  2. Do you think USH may hold off or cancel Diagon Alley, in anticipation of the upcoming movies in the 'Fantastic Beasts' mythology.Could Hollywood expand it's Potter Universe with an original ride or attraction from these movies?
  3. I'm looking forward to the changes-NOT going to say improvements, since that diminishes the IU site we all know and.....love However Im hoping Jon is able to pop-up on at least one more podcast, it seems to stir some interesting debates and conversations.
  4. You can always hit Clearmans' Galley on Rosemead for your casual cheese bread fix as well. Same as North Woods, just in their sports-bar type burger joint...
  5. Death by Cheese Bread..... Huh....I'm sure there's way worse ways to go......
  6. I THINK what happens is you have to pick your 'date of first visit' on each pass to complete the process. IF someone cannot get to the park that day, you can come after that date, however the 12 months begins on the original date indicated during the registration. I'm not 100% on this though, I'm hoping a more informed member can verify and correct where I might have gone wrong. Or if you call USH and speak with Guest relations, they may be able to clarify. Best of luck with that!
  7. If they were to ever attempt a second way down to the lower lot from, let's say the Minion Madness area....they could just open "Super Silly Fun Slide". You know, just jump on and away you go. No slowing down, no brakes, just land in a giant ball pit next to Frankenstein Parking.
  8. Thanks for that Jon- But I was able to use my RSVP and actually meet up with a fellow passholder on Sunday, spend a little more time, and find the goods. But I appreciate the offer. We also upgraded to the Gold Pass (Via Costco / activating in April) so I wont have much of the Black Out dates to deal with. Or the $increase$ in parking. I don't know if Disney still offers that Shopping/Parking pass....first time I heard of it was over five years ago-a coworker used to bring gifts to us from the park for Christmas, and this is how she explained she would find them. Thanks again!
  9. I was weighing that option as well....was trying to avoid it. Plus with the $$ increase for parking, that's at least $48.00 for about an hour in the park. But I appreciate the info. I am going to check and see if they have the items I'm trying to find. One is the Hogwarts Railroad Zip Up Hoodie-I've only seen it on Universal Boulevard of all places. The other is the Varsity-Style hoodie, which I only saw at Finches. Eh, I may go ahead and use my RSVP and take the Metro..... Coming from Orange County, so I'm weighing options... Thanks again!
  10. Hi all- Okay so this may sound weird coming from a guy, but I need to pick up some Christmas gifts that I've only seen available in Hogsmeade / Wizarding World at USH. Does anyone know if Universal offers a pass to enter the park for an hour or less just to make purchases? Disneyland used to offer something similar during the holidays-they would take your ID and Credit Card, let you in for an hour to do some shopping, and if you didn't return within that timeframe, you'd be charged for the one-day ticket. Reason I'm asking is I'm blocked out on this weekend, but don't want to use the 'Bonus Day' / RSVP option for just a basic hour visit to the park. If anyone knows, I'd appreciate it-thanks much!
  11. I think one of the better shows to run on the FX Network was "The Riches", with Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver. I think it was just two seasons as well, 2007-2008. It was a very original show, having to due with 'modern-day gypsies' and con artists. Minnie Driver was phenomenal, and Eddie Izzard is a personal favorite. Picked up both seasons on DVD when Circuit City was closing. Don't know where the episodes can be found now, but I highly recommend this show.
  12. Speaking of Musicals, La-La-Land was named best movie of 2016 by Rolling Stone Magazine. Obviously it's not related to television, but I think it's an interesting choice. Rollign Stone is pretty much all over the place as far as content, so I don't; put a lot of weight into their critique. I'm fine with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, so I may give this one a shot. I'm one of the few people I know that really liked "Across the Universe"-but I'm not the hugest Beatles fan. I just thought the way they used the songs through most of the film was quite inventive. So we'll see how La La Land is..... (By the way-speaking of Gosling, we just saw "The Nice Guys" and loved it as well. He was hilarious in it...)
  13. Project Tracker

    Also tried the new chicken sandwich. One of the better offerings at a theme park, definitely recommended.
  14. Project Tracker

    Nice. My wife and I are trying to find a sucker-I mean a babysitter over the next few weeks so we can enjoy some geek time as a couple and have our Anniversary Dinner at Three Broomsticks. We just had the warm Butterbeer on Saturday, and was curious about what to order when we get back.
  15. Well Dang,....