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  1. I would avoid Simpsons Ride, its a pretty jerky simulator, far more than say Star Tours. Forbidden Journey I think you will be okay on. Its very smooth and at no point in the ride are you "jerked" around like on Simpsons or Transformers. Minions has stationary seating, just tell a Team Member that you want to sit there and you'll have no issues. Overall Minions is a fairly tame ride, but it dose have its moments where it jerks you around a little bit. I would avoid Mummy, Transformers, and Simpsons.
  2. Small change to the ticket store, you are now able to compare Annual/Season pass blackout dates at a glance. Very similar to how Disneyland blackout date page is set up.
  3. Im guessing they will send them to Japan. Or they might hold onto them, if USH ends up getting Gringotts those glasses would work.
  4. Yes, according to Universal the online calendar is the most up-to-date calendar. http://www.universalstudioshollywood.com/passmember/blackout-calendars/
  5. Knotts Berry Farm

    So it turns out I'll be going to Knotts Scary Farm for the first time since 2004 on Halloween night. What is the best order of doing all the mazes as I will not have a Front of Line Pass. From what little Ive seen posted on this, it seems like Special Ops or Paranormal should be my first mazes of the night. In the past when I have gone to KSF, I would always go on last day of the event and crowds were never an issue, is it still the same?
  6. Universal is soon going to run out of names they can call their passes. "California Neighbor Pass" is such an odd name for a season pass. The name suggest that the pass is only valid for people who live out of state. Very odd. Hey, Universal, for your next annual/season pass change, may I suggest calling it the "Planetary Citizen Annual Pass"
  7. Jan 2nd only Premier and Singature Plus annual passes are valid. What a nice slap in the face to the majority of your pass holders, especially those on the Signature level.
  8. Unless you're on the Universal V.I.P Tour, all Front of Line Passes are 1-time access only.
  9. If you just look at the maze by itself, no it's not. If you look at the overall attraction: exterior, queue, and maze, then yes, it's a huge upgrade. The queue for this is awesome, easily the second best in the park. I think it's so well done, shame it's only for a maze. The maze itself is of much higher quality than House of Horrors. Nothing in this feels temporary like in House of Horrors. The biggest knock on it is the attraction is just too damn short. Just when it gets good it ends. I really wish they could have figured out how to get a second level in this like House of Horrors. Overall it's a great filler attraction. I'm happy that it is in the park and it's 1000xs better than another "grab n go" or shop.
  10. Raise the price of a 1-Day ticket to $119 and rename the 2016 Season Pass to "Buy a Day/ Rest of 2016 Free pass". Really stupid to only have a $4 price gap between the 1-Day ticket and Season Pass especially after a 15 year run of having the Buy a Day Pass- by far the parks most popular "AP".
  11. I just when through and looked at how many blackout calendars Universal has, they have 19! Ranging from 2015 A-H and 2016 K-V skipping O. That is insane!
  12. Change in the Season Pass offerings. 2016 Season Pass Plus discontinued. 2016 Season Pass is now valid until 2/28/2017. A substantial amount of blackout dates have been lifted. Still Priced at $119 online and $129 at the gate.
  13. Sigh, is it too late to bring back Aladdin? This Frozen show looks a huge step down from Aladdin.
  14. Probably not the first time this has happened, and most likely won't be the last. I'm surprised it took so long for someone hit the e-stop on the show. I would have thought there were several e-stop buttons around the arena for hosts to press incase of an incident just like this. The guy is lucky that he didn't jump into the area that the seaplane lands at the wrong time.
  15. It has happened to me as well. It was during soft-open, a person from upper management was standing at the entrance asked if I was a single rider and sent me through Gate A. The wait was posted at 30min, so it was nice to just walk right onto the ride.