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  1. At least it's not a selfie stick. Or an iPad.
  2. I assume you were watching a screening of The Last Jedi and definitely not a Stephen King related movie, specifically the new remake of the 90's classic IT starring Bill Skarsgård as the new role of Pennywise the Clown.
  3. If Insidious 4 really is coming, then it'll just be like Orlando releasing the Wolfman maze before the movie did, which released 4 months after HHN 19 ended.
  4. Man, This is the End had the potential to be a good maze. Such a missed opportunity to use demon Jonah as an actual scareactor that popped out instead of using the same demon over and over again.
  5. My idea was to start off looking like a good lineup but then progressively get worst and worst. Now looking back, it'd look like a decent lineup. Maybe next year I'll try to come up with something and actually pull it off right.
  6. Before the night ends, also found 2 more leaked mazes and looks like we're getting originals after all! Murdy's really stepping up his game!
  7. It's public now
  8. Download the template on Flickr because it's already a png image. For some reason, the formatting on the forum turned it into a jpeg image.
  9. Sure thing: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-QncUfA_Zv1VFp6UzNDX2NCbUU/view?usp=sharing Just click the download button on the top right. Have fun and be as evil as you'd like
  10. you soiled my pants for the last time Here are the raw files btw if anyone is curious (watermark still on because I forgot to save them without it): Here's the template I made as well (also with the watermark):
  11. What tricks, I have no idea what you're talking about [Please don't report me for leaking]
  12. I got a friend on the inside to leak the 2017 maze promo arts. According to the text file that came with the folder, it's not the finished product and they're still working on how they should actually look. For now, it's the best that we have. Here it is:
  13. Ok thanks, cause I was looking for her in the maze on opening night since my friend said she was in the employee preview version. He must've mistook the Countess for her, although he denied it. I WANTED TO MEET EVAN PETERS SO BADLY BUT I NEVER FOUND HIM
  14. Sorry to go off topic for a bit, but is it true that Liz Taylor was a scareactor in the Hotel section for AHS maze? My friend Clarence attented the employee preview night and claimed there was a scareactor that looked exactly like Liz Taylor in the hallway scene but they must've removed her for some reason.
  15. The reason might've been either: 1) The ghosts in the house have died in or near the house, so having them in the maze would seem really off. 2) They were victims of Tate's Columbine-inspired school shooting, so maybe Universal didn't want to have a connection with that (although Orlando's maze had gunshot sounds playing when Tate appears). 3) The maze would have way too many scareactors and Murdy didn't want to replace the characters he already chose in order to have them show up in the maze.