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  1. You won't have to pay your first visit. I recently bought another gold pass and just showed them the ticket I received on my phone through a confirmation email. As long as you show them a printed ticket or a ticket on your phone, you should be good to go.
  2. Could this be similar to what we're rumored to be getting, though? Their show incorporates the Black Lake, so ours will obviously be different, but I wonder if ours will implement the same type of backstory involving Dementors.
  3. It does seem like SLoP might be under reconsideration. I'm wondering if they've prioritized Nintendoland at this point.
  4. I don't see it coming to fruition anytime soon, but a revamped version of Seuss Landing would be nice in our park.
  5. Can we expect to see a nighttime show for the Wizarding World as soon as Spring Break?
  6. I wouldn't say that our Wizarding World was unsuccessful. I just think the wow factor died down quite a bit since it was the third of its kind, and Orlando got an expansion while ours was still being built. Still, our park's attendance has never been higher.
  7. And the donut mayhem begins...
  8. I still don't understand why they decided to build the Studio Café. After demolishing the NBCUniversal Experience they should've kept that space open for a wider pathway. Assuming guests will be accessing the expanded Lower Lot through that passage, it's going to become a very high traffic area. Why not stretch the footprint of Panda Express toward RotM to include indoor seating so that both the Studio Café and the outdoor seating behind it can be removed?
  9. I really don't see any reason for them to bring the attraction here (whether or not it's successful). UOR was in need of a replacement for Twister, and it worked out perfectly that they could place a Jimmy Fallon ride in the New York section of USF. Our version of New York is essentially just a set of façades to cover up Shrek's show building, and we know that isn't going. Assuming Fallon remains the Studio Tour host for the foreseeable future, I don't see why they'd want to use up valuable space on property just to create another attraction that features him.
  10. Yeah, I feel like the same could've been said about last year's Freak Show portion of the AHS maze. It wasn't ridiculing or painting a bad picture of people with abnormalities, it was literally just based on a season of a television show. If people end up having an issue with an asylum theme they should be taking that up with Ryan Murphy/FX, not John Murdy/Universal.
  11. How long has USH had Grad Bash? This is new to me.
  12. They do open around the same time, but Volcano Bay opens on May 25th.
  13. I think they make up for this by having the Lunar New Year Celebration during February. I agree with you, though. It'd be nice to even see a photo op or something in Universal Plaza.
  14. Yeah, I'm guessing the stage was just made to be more durable.
  15. Disneyland and Halloween Horror Nights are two very different things, though. One is a theme park that's open everyday year-round, while the other is a seasonal event. Each attract different crowds because they cater to those specific audiences. HHN boasts a vastly different environment from Disneyland, and I'd argue that it tends to attract more rowdy and unruly guests because of it. I'm not saying alcohol will never be sold at the event, but I don't think it's fair to say that they should bring it back simply because Disneyland might start doing so.