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  1. You can do either. If you want to stay safe you can print a copy of your ticket(s) just in case you can't access your tickets via email when you get to the park, but they'll scan either one.
  2. So it's looking like the AHS maze will, indeed, be solely based on Roanoke?
  3. I'm not super impressed with the castle projections to be honest. Maybe they'll make tweaks on the design until it debuts in November, but the garland and Christmas lights wrapped around every section of the castle looks pretty cheesy. The lights wrapped around the castle spires are especially overkill. Hogwarts' exterior has never been decorated for the holidays in any of the films, so I'm wondering who let this pass. I will say that I like the addition of the Christmas tree in the entrance courtyard of the castle though. That should add to the sense of forced perspective. Aside from all of that, I'm glad to see Hogsmeade and Diagon getting the proper holiday treatment. Japan was the first to do this last year. Here's hoping we follow suit. Also, I wonder if it was intentional to roll out projection-based shows in all three Wizarding Worlds in the same year? That might be the most cohesive modification we've seen across the three lands so far.
  4. New Menchie's signage and Voodoo Doughnut decor, via CityWalk's Instagram story:
  5. Given our park's size, do you guys think our version of Nintendoland will be a full-fledged land like the Wizarding World or a mini-land like Despicable Me?
  6. Yeah, I'm surprised he just casually dropped that information. Normally they build up hype over the months (even if it's general knowledge an IP will be returning), but that kinda ruined it.
  7. That's a solid theory, but the thing is the closing Floo Powder scene is noticeably clearer. I'm actually a fan of the original scene that debuted when WWoHP opened in Florida. They used to show a projection of chimneys and stonework passing by to make it feel like you were actually traveling through the Floo Network, but they got rid of it because it was super nauseating.
  8. So technically, including TWD, we'll have 8 mazes plus Terror Tram?
  9. I wonder if Voodoo will affect the sales of Sparky's in CityWalk and Lard Lad inside the park. All three seem to garner decent lines in coexistence.. for now.
  10. I got two raised donuts: the Voodoo Doll (chocolate donut with raspberry filling) and the Hollywood Cream (maple donut with Bavarian cream inside). Both were good, but they were pretty massive. I was shocked at how heavy they were. I also got the Honeybush Tea, which was described to me by the cashier as a sweet, carbonated tea, so I decided to go for it. The best way I could describe it is if a Ricola cough drop was made into a soda. I took two sips and couldn't bring myself to finish it. For the most part, however, I enjoyed my experience and thought the donuts were good. I just don't think they warranted the +60 minute wait my friend and I endured. Two tips for anyone going who hasn't yet: don't underestimate the length of that queue outside the shop, and don't get the Honeybush Tea.
  11. At the bottom it says "artistic depiction of ride vehicle"... It should probably say "artistic depiction of ride experience."
  12. Attractions

    Picture cars from Fate of the Furious are on display in Universal Plaza.
  13. X-ray machines have been added to the security check at the entrance plaza. Also, WWoHP tickets are being distributed now!
  14. LUSH sign has been removed!