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  1. I just went to Wizarding World and other parts at Universal yesterday, for the first time since November and documented it on Instagram. I have a blog post about it here: http://surrebral.com/instagram-adventure-universal/
  2. I'm quite certain we'll get a Mario Kart. Maybe a Pokemon based attraction too? A trip through Bowser's castle would also be sweet.
  3. It will totally be in the Lower Lot. They announced a major expansion for the Lower Lot and the announcement of Nintendo coming to Hollywood is a slam dunk for that. The Lower Lot, even with three great rides, is still pretty underwhelming and Nintendo Land in the Lower Lot would match well with Wizarding World in the Upper Lot. So great to see all these fully themed lands come to Hollywood!
  4. I hope it's not Hello, Kitty, but I doubt it. It would make sense for Universal to retheme Cartooniversal for a Hollywood or New York themed shop, since Cartooniversal is completely out of place with all the new scenery. I'd imagine it would be another shop or restaurant, but we'll see!
  5. It could still see a Harry Potter related attraction from what I'm seeing from this tweet. But could be SLOP too. They say something FANTASTIC is being announced soon. I actually think Hollywood should get a unique expansion for Wizarding World vs Orlando's Diagon Alley. That could really help more people come to Hollywood with a new exclusive attraction. Diagon Alley could be tricky since it would be almost impossible to shuttle people from the Upper Lot to the Lower Lot via Hogwarts Express. https://mobile.twitter.com/FantasticBeasts/status/744877673827033088 And considering Disney is building Star Wars Land, Universal just may want to compete against that. A Diagon Alley sounds like a good response to Star Wars if they can make room for it.
  6. Universal mentioned "latest happenings at the world-class theme park and adjacent Citywalk," so expect a theme park related announcement too.
  7. I'd be ecstatic if they're adding Diagon Alley to the Lower Lot, but I'm doubtful about that.
  8. Loved the projections and John Williams is still really rocking it out, considering he's now in his 80's! But why didn't they let the actors speak? I would've loved to see Tom Felton or the Phelps twins speak.
  9. Live Stream already started but they are still setting up. I wonder if there will be sound after 8:45? Not hearing any sound just yet.
  10. Yes, they just announced they're streaming live at 8:45 PT tonight on YouTube!!!! Link to Video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1RS8im7mMI
  11. Do you guys know if they are live streaming the Red Carpet Gala tomorrow night? If so, what time does it start? So stoked to see a similar opening ceremony they had in Orlando also come to Hollywood.
  12. I actually like the new mural on the Shrek building. The trees in front already blend pretty well, even with scaffolding. It will obviously be better without though.
  13. One of these unknown dates may be to show to JK Rowling and the cast and crew of the Potter films.
  14. I was there early this morning and they were filming a special for E! and even saw Alan Gilmore walking and on camera! They were filming inside of Hog's Head at one point.
  15. The Walking Dead also does not fit in with the London theme at all as the entrance will probably be on Baker Street. Not even close to being as huge nor likeable as Harry Potter. Although one positive thing about it is it will probably help out with crowd flow in the Upper Lot, knowing that walkways will be packed once WWOHP grand opens.