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  1. Well, ya can't please everyone. I don't agree with some of the choices, but I think this will be a great year. 2015 didn't sound so promising yet it turned out to be pretty good. I'll give this a chance, but I might try to go to Orlando as well.
  2. .....wut. Why not just do a Universal Monsters mash up? That just seems so....random.
  3. If this is true, Murdy is probably rage-quitting worse than Bruce Willis after realizing he left his gold watch at home. I think this is a new record for a leaked line up. Not even April and we **if this is true** know most of the line up already.
  4. Well I trust this will be good. This year sound great except for Insidious and Saw, in my personal opinion. Excited to see them pull off the Shinning. Anything on Bill & Ted? Selling booze at HHN?
  5. Well I trust this will be good. This year sound great except for Insidious and Saw, in my personal opinion. Excited to see them pull off the Shinning. Anything on Bill & Ted? Selling booze at HHN?
  6. Insidious for a third time? Are you kidding me? Also why is Saw going in the backlot and not the Shinning? Saw doesn't take up much space at all. The Shinning would take up far more. I have no idea what's going in Parisian, but I could see a Universal Monsters maze go in there. If I had to guess for the eighth maze since the Thing is not happening it would be Alien.
  7. If they do the original Evil Dead, I think that would be fantastic. I would be excited that they could avenge themselves from the 2013 mess, but nervous that they'll make the same mistakes from the first one. So if Evil Dead does happen, would that rule out the possibility of the rumored King properties?
  8. So if they really want to bring Race Thru New York over here, (Again, IF they REALLY want it over here), I have an idea what they could do to apppease the, "this is a waste of space" and "no more simulators" crowd. Have the tour relocated to the lower lot and put it behind Transformers (Where that cafeteria used to be). Instead of just an open tour center, have the tour and RTNY in the same building. Have the tour queue/NBC experience in the first floor and the mini shows and ride on the second floor. It would make sense considering Fallon is already on the tour. Plus, the ride would be treated more as a small bonus as an "eh, why not" since it would be built above the tour area; not to mention there is no queue for it. If they did this, I wouldn't mind. This would be the only way they should do it IMO. What do you guys think?
  9. I don't think LotR is going to happen. They'll expand HP before they even consider LotR.
  10. I also don't think SLoP is going to happen. Maybe it is, but I seriously doubt it. If it is indeed dead, hopefully whatever replaces it will be just as good, if not better.
  11. Nope. Very modern. At least that's what the escalators looked like.
  12. Somebody just showed me. The person was like, "here, look."
  13. I can't believe these n00b-tards. They actually did it. This is like the definition of theme park stupidity. But you have to give them credit for pulling it off. I hope it was worth it for them because they'll never be allowed back in the park again now this has gone viral. Also, the thumbnail is a total fail. EDIT TO ADD: After they stay the whole night they walk up to Hogsmede like, "Dude! I didn't know there was a Harry Potter land!" They can't be serious.
  14. Don't know, but knowing SFMM, they'll add one and then get rid of it later because of people complaining about that privilege...just like Twisted Colossus and Revolution. I hope they add one for JL. The ride needs one. I'm really scared they will get rid of Riddler's single rider while they're refreshing it. That's the only way to go for that ride and hardly anyone knows about it. They've been axing it off with Twisted and Rev so they better not do the same here. Oh, and since you've been on it (I'm assuming you have based on your post), how did you like the ride? From what I've seen in the videos, it looks on-par with MIB quality-wise. One more thing I want to add with the info I got. We most likely won't get another coaster until the 50th anniversary of the park (2021). If we get one it will either be a dive coasterfrom B&M or a T-Rex rail from RMC.