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  1. If they were not purchased on Universal's own website, they do not include early entry. So, if you were on their site but with a promocode through work, you have early entry. If they were bought through a third-party, they do not.
  2. Yes, like I said, assume it might take you up to 2 hours to get there. Hence leaving at 6am.
  3. Car will probably be fastest, even with traffic. Public transport will take forever. It depends a little on exactly when you're going (like if it's spring break or a holiday Monday it'll be different than just any old business day Monday) but in the fall I did just what you plan to (Disneyland to USH on a Monday morning) and we left Anaheim at 6am in order to get to USH with time to park, go through security and be there before early entry started. Got there with about 15 minutes to spare. If traffic is lighter than usual, the drive might only be an hour, if it's bad, could be up to 2 hours, so assume the worst is my advice. If you're early you can get coffee or something in CityWalk.
  4. If it's Pit shouldn't it be arrows?
  5. Harry Potter stuff is available during early entry. The rest of the park is not, last I checked.
  6. I don't know when it started but it's been that way since at least November.
  7. I don't know about the FF discount, but another perk of tickets bought online through Universal's site is early admission. You do not get that with any Costco tickets (or any tickets not purchased directly on universal's website). That was a deciding factor when my family bought our passes, although not the ones you're talking about so I don't have more info on that front.
  8. To me what the dementor room needs the most isn't lighting adjustments, it's that it needs to be COLD. It's supposed to get cold when one gets near you, let alone how many are in that room.
  9. Seriously, what's wrong with that scene. Is it the projector or the film? I can't believe it's been as bad as it is, for as long as it has unless it's something irreparable, but it's so weird to me that they just let it be a giant blur.
  10. The best public bathrooms have motion sensor flushing, motion sensor sinks, and motion sensor paper towels. I know maintenance-wise and expense-wise it may not be worth it to them to change all the bathrooms to that, but I think that's the ideal from an actual cleanliness standpoint. I can't stand the stupid push button sinks where it stays on 10 seconds which is not long enough to actually clean and then rinse your hands. And if you have to push the button again midway through, you're touching the dirty fixture everyone touches before having washed their hands at all, so it's just gross and counterproductive.
  11. I'm not certain about this but I think the "Neighbor" pass might be like the previous "Season" passes, wherein it had a "first use must be before X" restriction. It shouldn't be the case since the website now pretty darn clearly says "attend ANY day for first visit" which pretty clearly implies any date within the period of the pass, not just meaning "blockout dates don't apply to the first date". So if they do have some sort of "first use has to be before" restriction stated somewhere, that's teetering near false advertising with the use of "any" in the language. Still, since they don't have April available yet, that *might* be what's going on. On the other hand, I'm not sure how you worded your question when you asked them earlier, but you might have better luck if you just asked "tickets with start dates in April are not yet available online. When will they be?" and don't offer include anything else. Because I think it's safe to assume they do plan to continue the whole "tell us your first date" thing. Probably soon enough they will let you buy a date-specific ticket in April. And as long as they still offer the Neighbor pass then, you'd still be fine. So while the answer you got avoided the heart of your question, it really might just mean "if you want to buy this now, your only option is an anytime ticket". But what you really want to know is "when will April dates be available". And even if for some reason they DO cancel the Neighbor pass before then, you'd probably be able to buy a 2-day ticket then, which is only $10 more per person (if its price doesn't change) so that's still way cheaper than the multiple 1-day anytime tickets. So I think you're better off waiting.
  12. We got there at 8:30 and stayed til 2. So we were there before they cut people off. Was just thinking it was too crowded to be worth sticking around much longer when overheard a cashier telling someone else the park was at capacity and not to expect to be able to get back in if they left to go to CityWalk. At that point they were letting in people with handstamps, just not selling tickets or letting anyone who hadn't already been in enter, but they were expecting to cut off all entries soon by the sounds of it. I've been to super busy theme parks before but this was the first time the phrase "mobbed" really felt appropriate. As a fun surprise, traffic actually wasn't that bad arriving or leaving.
  13. The employees there were saying it was the first time it's ever reached capacity and had to turn people away at the gate. I don't know if it's true, but it's what they were saying.
  14. Well I was sort of banking on it being less than your standard weekday morning rush hour in general, due to the holiday. So if the parade just bumps it back up to that...it's good to know but not good? Glad to know it won't be worse. I was debating where to come from. Bringing a friend from Pomona, so we could either leave from there and go west (which I assume is worse since it means passing Pasadena), or they come to Irvine and we go together north. Either way, one of us would go to the other tonight to crash, and then drive straight to the park tomorrow morning.
  15. I was thinking of going to USH on Monday but just realized the Rose Parade is moved to Monday. Historically, should that have an impact on traffic? I was assuming there'd be less than usual traffic since it's a holiday for a lot of people, but with the parade now I'm thinking it might be worse. I'm trying to figure out how much buffer to give myself if I'm aiming to get there for early entry. Any suggestions much appreciated.