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  1. This really gets me thinking....
  2. Are there any guesses if the price will increase if they add the WWOHP Nighttime Show?
  3. Stranger Things light scene, Alien Egg Scene, Poltergeist TV scene, The Ring TV scene, Chest Burster, Scream opening scene. Just a few ideas
  4. If you are talking Scream as in Ghost Face. He got the terror tram for a year.
  5. I've always found this interesting... During the Quidditch game you can clearly see Harry's lightning scar middle of the pitch. You have to look carefully but its there
  6. No, in my opinion no.
  7. The podcast was excellent! Thank you.
  8. Is RTNY supposed to be strictly a motion simulator or a mix between dark ride and simulator. I have a vision of something like transformers. Any guesses on what type of ride experience it will be?
  9. Anybody know if they are trying to make an effort in fixing the raptor to the left of the lift hill?
  10. What is the difference between our Dementor scene and theres?
  11. To stop any possibly of a truck/car making its way onto the CityWalk floor. Near the Universal Studios Hollywood fountain they have placed planters and increased security. They are really upping there game in terms of safety to its guests.
  12. My apologies.