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  1. Personally, I think a food festival is a bit ambitious seeing as we seem to have trouble opening the Grab-N-Go places we already have, but I digress. If USH hosted a food festival, I think the best way to organize it would be to have a central hub in the Universal Plaza, with five or six booths set up around the outside and seating in the middle. In addition to that, there would be a few small booths set up in the various areas around the park, themed to fit into their surroundings (e.g., Fish & Chips in Baker St., Egyptian Themed by RotM). This is using the Epcot Food & Wine festival as a template, I'm not sure how they did it at California Adventure. For a theme, I think the best way to go would be bringing it back to either classic (Universal) films and film franchises or do a sort of "Old Hollywood" theme. In the last decade, the park has become less focused on Universal IP, with fewer and fewer attractions based on NBCUniversal properties. With Super Nintendo World coming down the pipe, so to speak, that trend will only continue. In my opinion, since one of the very few remaining things that separated USH from "Unique Park-Going Experience" and "UO, but with less stuff" is the active movie and television studio and accompanying Studio Tour, I'd like to see them acknowledge that aspect a bit more.
  2. I like how the FJ tickets show the guests wearing the 3D goggles...
  3. Project Tracker

    That snack cart is definitely seasonal. It comes and goes, like the one by the Flight of the Hippogriff. There was supposed to be another snack cart in the queue for FJ (that open area right when you exit the dungeons), but they realized that almost all of the guests had put their wallets in the lockers and, as such, had no money for snacks! And the temporary queue is for FJ, when their extended queue is absolutely full. I've only seen it used a handful of times. When I rode FJ last Wednesday, the first floo scene didn't seem any better than usual, but maybe just upgrading the equipment had enough of of an effect.
  4. Project Tracker

    See, I always thought it would have been better to have it a little earlier, say, right before spring break. Perhaps starting right at the end of the first week of April. Perhaps in celebration of some kind of milestone. An anniversary, maybe. But they are, obviously, working on it. I saw a bunch of people with hardhats and high visibility vests on top of Shrek the other day.
  5. It's possible. The removal of soundstages 22-25 and 28 freed up apprioximately 3.5 acres of land. The current layout of the Studio Tour loading area and the tram garage takes up roughly the same amount of space, depending on how much land you include around the buildings themselves. Even if they only moved the loading area, it would free up about as much space as Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem and the neighboring Super Silly Fun Land (approx. 1.75 acres). So, enough for at least one relatively large attraction and some other fun stuff. I'd just be worried about the timeline of events. Because they'd have to get the new loading area ready and open before they could close the old one and then tear down the old one and then build something new. If they're racing against Disney's Pew Pew Land, I'm not sure that time investment would really be worth it.
  6. The butterbeer steins can be refilled, but only at Hog's Head or the Three Broomsticks. As far as I'm aware, you can only get refills on popcorn buckets on the same day it was purchased.
  7. It'll have to stay for a little while; as far as I'm aware, that building houses the only public bathrooms on the Lower Lot. If anything, the building will probably undergo a process similar to Mummy Treats/RotM Lockers: keep the function the same, but redo the floorplan. While the path by Transformers is very open, I'm not sure the pathway by the bathrooms is wide enough to be an actual thoroughfare.
  8. There are also paper passes that they give out sometimes if the ride breaks down or something. Unless they specifically say "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" on them, they can't be used there. They'll take them sometimes at Flight of the Hippogriff, but their line is never really long anyway.
  9. I don't think there is any logic. When I looked at ticket prices on my phone, it only gave me the $10 & $15 discounts. But when I looked on my desktop, I got the full $21 discount. I am also in SoCal, so I can't find a reasonable explanation.
  10. I feel like everyone's going wild over this, but I don't think it's that big of a deal. It's only five dollars. And if you buy your tickets in advance online, it winds up being the same price anyway.
  11. Project Tracker

    As part of the Celebration of Harry Potter, there is also a new Chocolate Frog Collectible Wizard Card! For the next week and a half, chocolare frog boxes with a sticker on the wrapper will contain Gilderoy Lockhart. After that, he will be mixed in with the regular cards to be found at random. I hope this opens them up for many more cards in the future.
  12. Project Tracker

    Getting back on topic, the IU facebook page just uploaded pictures of some (delightfully themed) construction walls around the TriWizard stage. Is this just regular maintenance or is it hiding something related to the Wizarding World Night-time ExtravaganzaTM?
  13. In terms of size and keeping with the spectacle of Toothsome, it can't really go anywhere but Saddle Ranch without either removing a parking lot or tearing out a large portion of the existing CityWalk infrastructure. Part of the appeal of Toothsome is the whimsical, larger-than-life atmosphere it projects. It has to have its own space (Where else are the smokestacks gonna go?!) You would lose the performance venue inside Saddle Ranch, but I know Toothsome does have a full bar. That being said, I'm not sure they'd want something quite so flamboyant that close to the entrance of the park. I could see Cowfish going in where Tony Roma's or Johnny Rocket's is now. I don't know how good/popular Samba is, but I've never seen it very busy, so that's a possible location as well. I'm not a sports guy, so I would be perfectly fine if NBC Sports Grill & Brew did not make the transition. Something I'd like to see is the addition of a permanent, expanded drop-off/pick up area. For HHN, they move that area from the little bend near Buca Di Beppo to a section in Jurassic Parking. As park attendance rises and ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft become more popular, I think making that move permanent as well as adding permanent benches would be a smart move. In a similar vein, I think an enclosed (or at least covered) seating/waiting area near the shuttle drop-off would be a huge quality of life improvement. No more waiting in the sun/rain, no more standing in a temporary plastic queue, perhaps more prominent signs detailing the time of the next shuttle. Plus it would look a lot nicer than a bunch of people awkwardly and uncomfortably standing around waiting.
  14. Is the Lower Lot opening an hour later than everything else new? Or did I just miss the memo? Tomorrow's park hours are 9am-7pm. Potter opens 1 hour early (8:00), for "Early Entry Hour". The Upper Lot (Shrek and TWDA excluded) opens at 9:00, and the rides on the Lower Lot don't open until 10:00. I knew about the Early Entry for WWoHP, but the hour later for the Lower Lot is news to me. Has it always been like this and I just never noticed? Sorry if this is off topic, I wasn't sure where else to post this.