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  1. I don't think USH will be getting Diagon Alley, and if they do, I'll be surprised they're still going through with it.
  2. With the Olympics coming down to a standoff between Paris and LA, do you feel as if there maybe a difference in the amount of overhaul and content the "resort" would get if LA gets the 2024 games versus if it doesn't, or do you think that would just determine the speed of acquiring the additions instead?
  3. http://www.nbcuniversal.com/article/comcast-nbcu-acquires-remaining-49-stake-universal-studios-japan Universal has fully purchased USJ, making Singapore the only existing Uni park in the world that Universal Parks and Resorts does not fully own. In comparison, Disney does not fully own several of their parks including the Tokyo parks, Paris (although they're looking into buying it outright) and Shanghai. This is a smart and ambitious move as Japan continues to do great business, especially looking forward with Nintendo on the horizon.
  4. I meant in the amount of dates.
  5. Wouldn't be surprised if USH followed suit.
  6. Here comes the golf course whispers again...
  7. Not surprised about Stranger Things not happening after S2 was announced for a Halloween release (very counter-intiuative), but I'm crossing my fingers for 2018. #NeverGiveUpHope Also excited for whatever Stephen King property they use, but I do think it'll be It as the remake is coming out. Should be "The Shining" though.
  8. That week is going to be something else...
  9. I am very excited for this. It's going to be fantastic, everyone.
  10. I echo the thoughts here. $120 for USH is an absurd price for this park. There's really not much else to say here than that. But I guess the raise in single-day tickets are justifying the cost to Uni... so, um, good luck!
  11. How busy does the park seem in comparison to before Potter?
  12. They should still give certain AP tiers the ability to park after 5PM in Hollywood, IMO. Anyways, Volcano Bay is supposedly opening on May 25th but rumors are abound that certain contractors haven't even been let on site yet. I have a bad feeling that either a delay will occur or the park will not open fully finished. It sure doesn't look like it's close to meeting the deadline at the moment.
  13. It's an absolutely gorgeous-lookng show with a killer soundtrack, it's just too bad that it's relentlessly dull. The show has been cut down to 15 minutes and feels very anticlimatic, yet it still is a slog to watch. I appreciate the creative team wanting to do something atmospheric and non-IP based but there's no structure or flow for the audience to attach themselves to. This really hurts when you have a Fantasmic-esque seating experience creating that anticipation. Sad to say that it still needs heavy reworking.
  14. They really should just dump that location and build a hotel there. I don't see anything but Saddle Ranch or its destruction going in that spot.