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  1. Food for thought. What if the Studio Tour moved to that area in the Lower-Lot? I remember it was mentioned before on the IU podcast with Mike Sington. The current ST area coupled with those backstage areas nestled in-between Curious George and CityWalk would give them a decent plot of land around 9 acres in size.
  2. Unless stages 16 - 20 leave I'm not sure how they could fit a land in that area.
  3. A lot of PAs that work the Potter shows have expressed concern over this. Seems like they'll be stepping on some toes no matter what they decide.
  4. I'd imagine an announcement will come during Celebration of HP later this month. I wonder how crowd control will work in that area before the show begins. Will guests have to enter FJ through the extended queue behind Ollivanders? Will Hippogriff be closed during that time? So many questions.
  5. I actually really like the new placement. One of my biggest gripes with the old DSD is how it illuminated most of Universal Blvd red at night. Always gave it an HHN feel throughout the year.
  6. Reminder to please keep these discussions civil. The last thing we need are members arguing over what constitutes as a photo opportunity. I personally find the Helicopter horrendous but I know quite a few people who love taking photos with it. Which I guess is why it was incorporated into the façade... to draw guests to that general area.
  7. Project Tracker

    I'm sad to hear SLOP may never see the light of day but hopefully this means they're revising their list of I.P which has surely grown since this ride began development. I'd love to see a HTTYD ride at USH!
  8. A few of my friends are in that room. Can confirm Lucille was in there at some point. Not sure if she has been moved though since then.
  9. Nothing sells the spirit of Christmas more than a giant terrifying Minion!
  10. *Crosses fingers they decorate Universal Blvd. with more than just christmas lights along the edges.*
  11. I forgot I made this, might have to revisit it once construction progresses. Like many other members I'm curious if Hello kitty will end up here or if it will just sell the same merchandise as before?
  12. So glad to hear it will match Universal Blvd! Any word on how much space the new building will take up?
  13. Can anyone confirm if the black-out day admission price is still 29 dollars? Wanted to visit the park for a bit before HHN starts tomorrow.
  14. Exorcist does not play out like a traditional HHN maze. It's a breath of fresh air but I feel this will be the aspect that divides most HHN fans. As I mentioned in my review, many things in the Exorcist were not working at all. This maze is way more FX heavy than Crimson Peak and depends heavily on them. It's really awesome when it works but the entire experience takes a huge hit when they don't. Here's hoping they can work out all the kinks by opening night. Also I'd recommend looking at the smaller details in there. Lots of little effects that can go unnoticed if you're not paying attention. Like a certain Ouija board...
  15. I was lucky enough to attend employee preview night (with a FOTL pass) so I got to do a few of the mazes multiple times. Here's a rundown of my first impressions. Will try to keep it light on spoilers. The event in general: This is a much more ambitious year, not only in scares but from a production standpoint. A lot of the mazes have decently sized set pieces in them that we really do not see in Hollywood. Granted, they're not as big as Orlando but it's a pretty big step up from where we were at the past few years. I think the event in general will meet a lot of people's (I'm sure high) expectations. Some thoughts on the attractions: The Walking Dead: It's not drastically different but it's better. The lighting is darker, the audio is a bit louder, and there are some new scaring spots around the attraction. The cool part is some of the scares are utilized in areas that I didn't think could be used. Such as some of the doors in the prison hallway. It's nothing crazy, but it's definetly scarier. The Exorcist: Like Tyler, I think this was the weakest maze of the night. It wasn't terrible by any means, it just simply was not working. The maze was experiencing huge technical difficulties all night and many triggers, lighting, and audio were not working how they were supposed to. The room scenes are really cool but I don't really like how Murdy integrated the "banned trailer" into the maze. It came off more as a space-saving measure. As a fan of the film I really enjoyed what I saw but I can definetly see how this will divide fans. Ambitious idea in the wrong venue. Halloween: I enjoyed last year's maze but I felt it was placed in an absolutely terrible venue. Maze layout was awkward and felt bare in some parts. Not the case for this year. The sets are fantastic and there is a lot of visual eye candy for fans. I also really love the placement for some of the scares. The ending is awesome, definetly not what I expected though. Great take on the film and better than the 2009 and 2015 mazes by far. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The 2007 maze is the scariest maze I have ever been through. The 2012 maze is one of the worst mazes I've ever been through. To say this franchise hasn't been polarizing at HHN is an understatement. I went through this maze twice. At the beggining of the event and at the end. this year's iteration is pretty fantastic. The sets are great and scares are really well placed. The scent canons were not turned on for employee preview but oh man is that maze going to smell awful going off of the set pieces alone. It's a great "sequel" and I'm sure fans will enjoy going through certain locations not seen in the films. I must note: absolutely do not go inside this maze when the sun is still out, there is no giant black tent to cover all the light pollution. Krampus: Best. Façade. Ever. Seriously the façade is one killer first impression. The maze is really fun and includes some really large set pieces, like Tyler mentioned, many of the characters look like they were ripped straight out of the film. Krampus is incredibly imposing and is featured a lot more than I thought he would be. There are also some pretty cool scare setups in this maze. Really fun experience that I think fans will enjoy. American Horror Story: Worst. Façade. Ever. Don't be fooled though, this is probably one of the most beautiful mazes Murdy and Chris have ever done. This maze probably has the best sets in my opinion. The Freak Show segment is a tad short but the set design is incredible. I didn't find this to be as scary as the other mazes but I'm sure it will improve over time. We went through right after a cast change so I think that had something to do with it. Great maze that fans of the show will love. I'd love to see what they could do with Coven and Asylum. Freddy vs. Jason: Easily the strongest house of the night. This maze is very Freddy Kruger heavy (which I personally like) and has some really cool effects that many fans will be familiar with from previous mazes, Insidious 2015, NOES 2008, and La Llorona to name a few. This is a really intense maze and has a ton of scares throughout. Like... it has to be some kind of record. Fantastic set and audio design throughout. I usually never comment on audio tracks for mazes but there is some spectacular audio mixing in here. I think most fans will gravitate towards this maze the most. Extremely intense cast and fantastic set design. Terror Tram: It's a huge improvement and feels more like the older Terror Tram versions from 2006-2009. The changed layout is a nice change of pace with the backwoods area completely gone and both the Bates Motel and War of the Worlds have way more theming than ever before. They definetly sell the atmosphere well, making it feel like you're walking through a make-shift carnival set up in the Universal Backlot. I definetly would not miss this when attending. Purge gauntlet/scarezone: it was cool and all the wacky costumes really make it a fun area to be in. Some of the best veteran scareactors are in here. The Purge Gauntlet is like a miniature Terror Tram and I honestly would consider it to be another attraction. The layout in Plaza is a bit awkward and many people were a bit confused on where exactly to enter from and what exactly it was in general. Aside from that it's a really cool idea that I can definetly see improving over the years. I do want to note, they were still missing some key props that will be in the gauntlet so I'm excited to see it in its finished form on Friday. This will be a fun thing to check out with friends when all the wait-times become unbearable. Those are my thoughts in general. Again, this was employee preview and not the final product. There are still many things that need to get done but even in a semi-unfinished state, Halloween Horror Nights 2016 really lives up to the hype and sets a high new bar for Hollywood. I'm excited to hear other forum member's thoughts on this year's event. Can't wait for Friday!