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  1. Knotts Berry Farm

    Polercoaster / observation tower combo to replace the defunct sky cabin....? Holy crap that makes too much sense. Especially if it is indeed a Eurofighter.
  2. Knotts Berry Farm

    The past few years Knott's has made announcements in late spring early summer for the next year's attractions. RMC is posting pics of track for the first ever Raptor concept coaster being constructed (but hush about where it's going). Those are designed to allow a huge amount of track in a small space. I would not count that out for Knott's as well.
  3. Knotts Berry Farm

    I'd like to see a Eurofighter eventually come to Knotts as well but not to replace Silver Bullet. I think the north east (or lower right if you're looking at a park map) section of the park would make a great area (1.3 acres) to put a Eurofighter. They can easily transplant the existing kiddie rides in that area to other parts of Camp Snoopy. ALSO, Construction walls current going up around Boomerang. I expect we'll see something announced sooner than later.
  4. Knotts Berry Farm

    I personally would not mind a dive machine as there's currently not one on the west coast. It would be a big draw for coaster fans. Eurofighter would be fine too but it wouldn't be as big of a draw.
  5. Knotts Berry Farm

    If i'm not mistake the highest Dive Coaster is currently 223 feet.
  6. It's been like that for a while now. What really annoys me is a guy who films a full ride through vertically.
  7. Close, there will be 7 cockpits per turntable but 4 turntables in total (they have not started the 2nd half of the building yet). Dont take anything I say as fact, this is just based on the collective rumblings from around the net.
  8. It's honestly going to be closer to a more compact higher capacity version of Star Tours than mission space, there is no centrifuge involved.. Each simulator cabin is on a slow moving turntable to increase capacity (not unlike an omnimover). Imagine the dome screens moving slowing in a giant circle on FJ but that's essentially the entire ride and you are enclosed in the cabin of the falcon. I've been told that there are 28 Falcon cockpits (6 seats per) being built for this ride so it'll be a capacity monster.
  9. Now is about the time families start planning their Florida vacations for the holidays. They want people to plan with Universal, not Disney, in mind this time around. Different coast, different demographic. I'm sure we'll get the summer and winter shows but they may be announced closer to debut.
  10. Knott's, SeaWorld, and Disney (to some extent) already have top notch food offerings usually led by an innovative master chef. SeaWorld has Axel Dirolf, Disney has Andrew Sutton, and Knott's has Bobby Obezo who are all fairly renowned for the culinary work. To be completely honest, I am not sure who the Executive chef at Universal is (or if they even have one). A food festival would be ballsy given the park's track record with food. Plus CityWalk is basically becoming a year round food festival by itself.
  11. Honestly, Murdy should not have said anything yesterday. The fact that USF announced their maze on it's own confused enough people as it is. What a mess.
  12. I think that land hasn't been built on because it's a fairly large hill, not a flat plot of grass by any means. But there were apartments rumored to go there at one point so I suppose they could put administrative offices and things like that on the hill. I'd love to hear what IU thinks on this as well. Here's what that hill looks like:
  13. Project Tracker

    It's anyone's guess. I'd personally like to see part of that area used for a small JP expansion. I find it interesting that they're not touching SS 28/29/31 plot yet. That could be another attraction on it's own. I would imagine SLOP is still being tossed around as well but who knows at this point.
  14. That's what I am hoping. You can't fit 30 hours of content into a single 5 minute walk-through and expect anyone to know what's happening. At least not in a tent. I still feel AHS should going in SS 747
  15. Yep and a bigger budget please.