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  2. Universal Studios Singapore - Cityneon Themeworks (Extended Version):
  3. I'm personally curious about whether or not the terror tram route will be just as short as last year's. Considering my friend's and I were one of the first ones to ride it on opening night, we were able to avoid the super long lines that ended up developing throughout the actual tram. So I'm curious if they're gonna use the old path again.
  4. It's kinda disappointing that there won't be a original house would be nice if they did with Hollywood Harry.
  5. Today
  6. The Terror Tram is what really intrigues me.. After years of Murdy constantly denying requests for an All Nite Die In-style maze starring the Big 4 slashers due to "multiple studios licensing for one maze would be a nightmare", suddenly, it's okay to try it for a Terror Tram? I'm interested in seeing how this turns out.. and hopefully this does lead to a Big 4 slashers maze sometime soon..
  7. Jurassic Park River Adventure "Dare to Ride" (2015) [HD]:
  8. "Deatheaterz" makes me want to off myself.
  9. But think about it Writer's Block is connected to Lana Winter who appeared in Asylum & Roanoke who had Scathach that is the original Supreme that connects to Coven.
  10. Well it's only Roanoke this year.
  11. The question with Writer's Block is how does Coven fit between Asylum & Roanoke other than the original Supreme that appeared in Roanoke.
  12. I'm not saying you, but other individuals; and I did say "Am I to be mistaken". I should've been more clear on that.
  13. I never called last year a throw away year.
  14. So Codenames... Lemonade is 119 Pages Long and TCM was 118 Pages Long last year and was in Waterworld Queue. "The Conjuring" will be in Waterworld Queue so yeah... Plus Murdy stated for Lemonade that he kept hearing constant Christmas Music while writing it which "The Conjuring 2" takes place around Christmas. Need to find a connection though. Charles is 71 Pages Long and "Exorcist" was 75 Pages Long last year and was in Mummy Queue. "The Shining" will be in Mummy Queue. The Impossible Scene would of course be the Elevator Scene. The Connection being with Charles/Delbert Grady. Writer's Block is 121 Pages being the Maze with the largest amount of pages this year. "American Horror Story" was 128 Pages last year and was the largest. The whole "M" and "N" hint would be with "AMericaN Horror Story". The Connection would be Lana Winters who has Writer's Block as she is trying to expose the Asylum in which she makes a Appearance in Roanoke. The Big Chill is 62 Pages Long being the Maze with the least amount of Pages. It was confirmed to be in JP Queue and "Insidious" was confirmed to be in JP Queue. The Connection would be with the Song "A Whiter Shade of Pale" and the lyrics "That her face, at first just ghostly. Turned a whiter shade of Pale" being that the Ghosts in "Insidious" have Painted White Faces. That's for Codenames. I know we know the lineup but I thought I would get the connections out. Does anyone have a connection with "The Conjuring" and "Lemonade"?
  15. If they did Bill and Ted, they would of done it in 2014. Even with Karen joining the Hollywood team, that won't guarantee Bill and Ted returning. Along with a very different environment than Orlando, I think the ship has sailed for Hollywood getting the show back. I wouldn't be surprised if it's Jabbawockeez, as they have the global aspect onto them; but a part of me wonder's that Academy of Villans may replace them, with the group being an local artist and House of Fear being a success at Orlando last year. It just depends, International; or Local. And to backtrack, a part of me thinks this. Universal Blvd (and the side facing the Plaza) could be used as a scarezone all in one, but I don't think we'll return to Exterminatorz. I think it's possible for a new concept to take over. With Baker now out of the picture, due to TWDA's overflow (unless they have a way to fix that situation to allow both); I would expect CoC to be in French, while the Lower Lot potentially gets a scarezone back to make up for the loss of Baker and then a large scarezone on the Backlot. A part of me, heavily doubts Classic Monsters; even with The Mummy coming out this year, it makes no sense with the location. But, I could be surprised. If it is an IP, I would unfortunately lean towards Saw being the scarezone down there, as it has been used in the past as a scarezone
  16. I wonder if we'll get Jabbawockeez again.. or Academy of Villains.. or even *gasp* the return of Bill and Ted.
  17. I doubt they would do Deatheater's in a scarezone for Potter. A show in Hogsmeade, ala' Osaka? That I think is more likely.
  18. Interesting, I guess they incorporated what Japan did for their HHN (If you could call it that) for Hogwarts. Me being a sucker for the Universal Monsters, I'd shit myself if that were to be true haha. I just hope they use the classic designs rather than new ones.
  19. I haven't heard anything about Scare Zones from my Source but if I were to predict I would say Exterminatorz - Opening Cult of Chucky - French Street Deatheaterz - Harry Potter (If it's open) Universal Monsters - Backlot
  20. I'm honestly surprised they weren't trying to shoehorn The Mummy this year. Maybe a scarezone?
  21. Am I to be mistaken, but wasn't last year a "Throw away" year, too? And yet, we got the New Line trilogy back in a way, an semi-original Terror Tram, The Exorcist, Halloween, American Horror Story (for the first year), and Krampus. I'd be more willing to give it a shot, and to be more optimistic than pessimistic, as it is an event catering on the horror genre.
  22. I think this year's lineup is pretty neat but I can see why people are disappointed with it.
  23. Throw away year. Sucks
  24. If it's Blumhouse, I hope we get a Hellevator scene.. Having a room where the Soska Sisters taunt us from a TV screen while characters from the show attack us..
  25. Assuming a Mod doesn't delete this, as if it is true; I have a few things. 1.) Blumhouse Mashup can go in a few ways. One way, is similar to a maze series from Horror Nights orlando; of "All Night Die In". It sounds very much like it can be similar to that, but actually using IP's in full unlike how Die In handles it. 2.) I am surprised that they aren't doing another mash-up for American Horror Story, as it would be an easy way to allow the maze to then be fully caught up while not trailing on previous content from the past. Or, so I would think. Roanoke, I didn't watch; so if I were to be at the event, I would either have to watch the season in full, or go in blind. 3.) Evil Dead coming back, is somewhat of a surprise. I think it would be fascinating to see how the original two films are tackled, and if they would try to do a subtle nod to Army as-well, as the three are a film trilogy. 4.) I am not expecting much with Saw. I honestly did not care for the maze when I went in it back at 10. Could I be surprised? Maybe, but I just can't see it being good. 5.) Would the Terror Tram, presumably on the Quartet; include Jigsaw to become a Quintet? I am honestly curious how they would be able to tackle something like that, as all the characters have has equal presences at Horror Nights on the Tram before (particularly Freddy and Jigsaw). Either way, I am interested to know of more on this, if it is true. 6.) Shining and Conjuring are the two I'm most curious if true. There is a lot to pick out from each, especially The Conjuring. Would it be using mainly just the two films, or would it be using potentially elements from Annabelle and Annabelle 2? 7.) I have to not be the only one, thinking that Cult of Chucky will be a Scarezone, right? One would assume that it would make sense, as it is a Universal IP and that there is merchandise to have with a character like Chucky. ...It's interesting. That much I can say. We'd be getting 8 Mazes (counting TWDA), Scarezones, a show, and presumably a mish-mash IP fest on the Terror Tram like from 07, 08, and 09. It could be interesting to see what may happen this year, on a marketing standpoint; as there are a lot of IP's I can easily see in the marketing books for the year.
  26. Yesterday
  27. Yeah, that's the lineup guys. I'm incredibly disappointed with the Blumhouse Mashup. EDIT: Evil Dead maze will be based off the first two films and titled Ash vs EVIL DEAD, in order to reference the TV show but not fully incorporate it. Looking forward to Shining and Conjuring. Agreed with Freak, could do without Insidious. I'm feeling all these properties except for Blumhouse will be shared, so bummer. And very, very, VERY disappointed we won't see AHS Asylum incorporated into a maze. Maybe next year...
  28. After today's new developments, I'm only really excited for one house this year, I'm not happy
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