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  2. FYI for anyone that has taken advantage of this promotion in the past. The "Shop, Dine and Play" valet parking promotion is no longer being offered. This allowed guests to come to Citywalk between 11am-2pm Monday thru Friday and valet park for $2 with validation from basically any store or sit down restaurant at Citywalk. I used this many times to grab a quick lunch at Cityfood or do some gift shopping at Citywalk during my lunch break.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Knotts Berry Farm

    If we get a Eurofighter with the height and inversions of Cannibal at Lagoon Park with the hang time of Adventureland's Monster, that may be a top 10 coaster.
  5. Knotts Berry Farm

    You can find this next year, just not at KBF, haha. As for an Eurofighter, the capacity would be greater than a Raptor track's, and slightly above Boomerang's. A RMC Raptor has a theoretical capacity of 600. By comparison, Boomerang was 760. Eurofighters are generally 750-1000 RPH theoretical (the stock 320+ model is 850).
  6. Last week
  7. Knotts Berry Farm

    Real quick, I forgot to post a trip report from yesterday. I rode Sol Spin three times and I really enjoyed it. I kept thinking of Hermonie saying, "Absabotry" as the chairs went up. My first ride was pretty tame, but the last two felt far more intense. The ride was pretty short as they wanted to cycle a lot of people through. Oh well. As I was in Ghostrider (Which was running great and was a walk-on for the front row!), I noticed them tearing down the facade for Trick Or Treat and gutting the interior. Being that they've kept it up all year, I think it's safe to say Trick or Treat is gone this year (FINALLYYYYYYY). They were doing the same to Voodoo when I walked by it. Voodoo and TrT are gone this year for haunt. Now back to the new coaster speculation, a traditional hyper is out, dive coaster is out (Glad to hear), no T-Rex rail....I know a Eurofighter was heavily rumored, but that is certainly lower capacity than that so....what else could it be? It's either B&M or RMC but I'm leaning towards B&M. EDIT: Longshot here, but worlds first hyper woodie? RMC style with inversions?
  8. You can do either. If you want to stay safe you can print a copy of your ticket(s) just in case you can't access your tickets via email when you get to the park, but they'll scan either one.
  9. Since I purchased tickets online I understand we get in an hour early this Friday (0900). The only question I have is should I print off my tickets or is it just as easy to scan from my email with the tickets? thanks
  10. Knotts Berry Farm

    Polercoaster / observation tower combo to replace the defunct sky cabin....? Holy crap that makes too much sense. Especially if it is indeed a Eurofighter.
  11. Actually there is a Premiere line, it just occurred to me it's right next to Guest Services when getting the parking rebate.
  12. Knotts Berry Farm

    No Raptor track either, the capacity on those is not something KBF wants.... and not a dive coaster! So rest easy my friend.
  13. Knotts Berry Farm

    Oh snap. That would be AMAZING. I missed this post!
  14. Knotts Berry Farm

    With Cedar Fair being very invested with RMC for 2018...I don't see this impossible. Hell, it'd give them something big. The worlds first Raptor coaster. That would be something that you could market.
  15. Knotts Berry Farm

    .....so a dive machine it is then.
  16. I don't know about a premiere line, but the main box office has moved inside. Really, it's basically set up like an Arclight now.
  17. Thanks! I noticed from the outside they no longer have a staffed box office. It's just a wall of the self-service kiosks. Is that right? I don't think there was a premiere line to use the kiosks.
  18. Yes. Not too sure for tickets, but have seen it for food.
  19. So since this is an AMC theater do they have the separate AMC Stubs Premiere lines for tickets and food?
  20. Knotts Berry Farm

    Don't expect a traditional hyper coaster as well.
  21. Knotts Berry Farm

    The past few years Knott's has made announcements in late spring early summer for the next year's attractions. RMC is posting pics of track for the first ever Raptor concept coaster being constructed (but hush about where it's going). Those are designed to allow a huge amount of track in a small space. I would not count that out for Knott's as well.
  22. At least it's not a selfie stick. Or an iPad.
  23. Knotts Berry Farm

    I don't think they'll announce the new ride until November. They don't want to discourage people from coming this year. Rumors seem to be gaining traction that the new coaster won't just be in that small area.
  24. Knotts Berry Farm

    I'd like to see a Eurofighter eventually come to Knotts as well but not to replace Silver Bullet. I think the north east (or lower right if you're looking at a park map) section of the park would make a great area (1.3 acres) to put a Eurofighter. They can easily transplant the existing kiddie rides in that area to other parts of Camp Snoopy. ALSO, Construction walls current going up around Boomerang. I expect we'll see something announced sooner than later.
  25. Knotts Berry Farm

    I wouldn't mind a dive machine either, but I was hoping Six Flags would pick it up first. After all that seems to fit their clientele. I really don't want to see Knotts get it. A Eurofighter would be way better, but they should save it for Silver Bullet's replacement. That would be a better use of small space.
  26. Knotts Berry Farm

    I personally would not mind a dive machine as there's currently not one on the west coast. It would be a big draw for coaster fans. Eurofighter would be fine too but it wouldn't be as big of a draw.
  27. Knotts Berry Farm

    Well, that still rules a hyper in. No...NO. You can't be serious. Please not a dive coaster. The very last thing SoCal needs is another one-trick-pony. Knotts really needs a high capacity, descent-length coaster. If it is a dive machine, the GP will eat it up though. "OMGGGGG ITS DA BIG SCAWEY DROP RIDE THAT GOES STRAIGHT DOWN AND DO THE LOOP!!!! YOLO!!!!!" I'd prefer a hyper, but a Eurofighter would be way better than a dive machine. C'mon. Ugh. Please Knotts. As much as I want a Giga, I'm willing to settle for a hyper. Is it too much to ask for a descent hyper in SoCal? Goliath blows.
  28. Knotts Berry Farm

    If i'm not mistake the highest Dive Coaster is currently 223 feet.
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